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Respect for President Biden

This 2021 Presidential Election has been a roller coaster to say the least! All the trash talk all the accusations over the past year…I just wanted it to be done with. Today it is done. President Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. When President Biden stepped up to the podium to give his Inauguration Speech, I sat in my living room, waiting, almost holding my breath. What would he say? What would he promise? What kind of President will this man be? Most of my questions were quickly answered as I listened to him call for Unity and urging American’s to stand together instead of allowing “racism, nativism, fear, demonization” to divide us. He bared his heart as he spoke of faith and hope for our Country, for us. He made it clear that he will be a President for all of us. I realize that today was just a celebration day for him and for our Country. Tomorrow the real work will begin and as every President before him, Biden will be tested and judged by his words, actions and decisions.

Negative judgement and ridicule has been the norm for us for quite awhile in politics. It’s time for something that should of happened before this day to begin. It’s time for us as American Citizens to stand up alongside our President, in the good times and in the bad times and support him out of respect. Whether we agree with all of his decisions or not, we as Americans need to keep respect as the forethought of our words and actions. It’s okay to disagree with him. It’s okay to not like that he is President. But it is not okay to disrespect him, his family, his position as our President. And when we disagree with decisions that he makes, we need to remember that he is just a man who stepped up to do a difficult job. He is not perfect and to expect him to be perfect is unfair. By hearing his heart felt speech today, I realize that he is a man with a passion to serve and help the American people, to help us to have a better life, a better country to live in.

President Biden, thank you for your speech today. Thank you for the comforting words that you spoke from your heart to us. I don’t know if I will agree with everything you say or do but I do know that I will respect you and those who serve alongside you. I will pray for you, your family and for Vice President Harris and her family. The Bible calls us to pray for our Country and our leaders. I urge all people to set aside their differences and bow their heads in prayer.

Choosing Faith over Circumstances

This time of year is really tough on people for a lot of reasons. It’s the season to be Thankful, the season to be Jolly, the season to Celebrate. When you come face to face with it, it can all be a bit overwhelming to say the least! For some it will be almost impossible to rise up to due individual circumstances because expectations are high and the pressure to meet those expectations can often be too challenging. What if you cannot meet those challenges? Does it make you any less valuable in the eye’s of your family, your community, your work? What happens if you don’t meet any of them? What if you don’t have a safety net to fall back on?

With all the reasons in the world going on right now, from COVID-19 to the loss of family or friends, to the political unrest, of unemployment, or the fear of losing your job—all the stressors upon our shoulders can make it more difficult to meet the expectations of the ‘Holiday Season’. But does that mean we stop trying, just give up? No. It means that now more than possibly ever in your life, it it absolutely vital that you take your eyes off of your circumstances and look to the One who stands by you no matter what you are going thru even if you can’t see Him at work in your life. I’m talking about God, the Creator of the universe. He knows you, see’s you and hears you. He is not deaf and has not forsaken you.

For those of you who have lost loved one’s to COVID-19 (or any other reason), I am deeply sorry for your loss. Being thankful or jolly will likely be the hardest for you during this time. I want you to know that God see’s your grief , He feels your loss as intimately as you do because of His great love for you. You are not alone, He is right there beside you not even a whisper away. It seems a bit cliche, but I want to say it anyways, to say to remember the good times you had with your loved one’s, the blessings of the days or years that you were able to spend with them. Let your memories bring comfort to your grieving heart and when you miss their hugs and smiles, close your eyes, trust that God has enfolded you in His gentle embrace.

To those of you who worry about finding a job or keeping a job, remember that God is our Provider. He is not deaf and has heard your worries. He cares about you and your family. He knows how uncertain of a time it is. Wherever you find yourself, whether it’s in an unemployment line, a food bank line, a shelter line….just know that God see’s you, hears you, and is right beside you helping you have the courage to stand no matter what line you find yourself in. You can trust God to help you. You may not see the outcome just yet but have faith in Him and place your hand in His.

To those of you who have your families and a warm place to stay together, to those who have jobs…don’t forget to pray for others and to help others in any way that you can. If you have an extra can of beans, donate it to a needy family or shelter. If you’ve an extra coat, hat, or blanket, find a body that can use it and give it freely. If you have an extra dollar find a place to give it where it will provide the most good for someone else. Don’t be greedy with the resources that God has blessed you with. It’s okay to enjoy the season just do it responsibly.

As for all the political unrest, whether your a Democrat or a Republican or a Third Party just remember that each one of us has a right to choose our standing just like you do. We all have a right to our own opinions and beliefs—just like you do. Don’t let your political differences divide you in your families or come between your friendships with others. You can respectfully agree to disagree with each other and still love one another. It’s okay if someone doesn’t believe exactly like you do on political issues. The world will still keep spinning on it’s axis. And more importantly, God will still be on His throne. We need to humble out hearts, our attitudes and pray to God for our country and for one another. We need to ask for His direction, for His leadership of our beloved Country. We need to trust that no matter who our next President will be, that God is still in control. He holds the true power.

No matter what you do this holiday season or who you are with or where you are living you can trust that God is right there with you. When you feel overwhelmed or sad or lonely or dismayed, lift your eyes to God and trust that He with you. Choose to see His goodness, decide to trust in His love for you. Don’t let your circumstances be your focus. Find rest and strength in God.

The Reason for Chloe

I remember when I first self-published CHLOE in December of 2019, I was so nervous! I had written it over and over again for the past couple of years, each time deleting it and blank canvasing it all over again. It wasn’t until November of 2019 that I decided that I was just going to get it done!

The hurdle of writing my first book was very daunting! What if no one liked it? what if no one bought it? So many doubts along the way but some how I was able to set my worries aside and begin writing the story of CHLOE and seeing it to it’s end.

This is an entirely fiction story. CHLOE is a story about a four year old child in the Foster System. She is classified as an Other, meaning she is considered less than because she is a Shifter. A Shifter is a human that has a DNA Variant that gives them the ability to shape shift from their human form to their animal form. Chloe is called an Other because her origins are unknown and she has the DNA Variant present in her blood. The Foster System was over crowded so they began to compare children’s DNA to those in the DNA Ancestry type data bases. A match is found for Chloe. This is how Sadie meets Chloe and adopts her. This book is about Sadie and her family’s relationship with Chloe. They bond and then the unthinkable happens, Chloe is kidnapped. With the tensions between the humans and the various Shifter Communities being a major focal point in their town, will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to rescue a little girl?

CHLOE comes with a few social ideas I wanted people to think about. So many children are in the State Foster Care System, are longing to be wanted by someone. In some cases, children in the system are not adoptable for one reason or another. However, there are many that are adoptable, hoping for a family of their own. For many children, they age out of the Foster Care System, never having the opportunity of being adopted.

What does being adopted mean to a Foster Kid? It means that you no longer carry your belongings around in trash bags from place to place. It means no longer worrying about where the system will put you next. It means you no longer have to change schools just because your foster home location changed. It means you’ll have a family like your classmates do. No more feeling different. No more feeling like you are less than someone else. But more importantly, it means that they are wanted. That they are loved and safe with a family that chose them.

I realize the stigma these children wear, they get labeled because they are simply in the system. Most of them come from abusive homes. They may even have some behavioral issues. But these children were in situations out of their control and the fear, the pain, the hopelessness, the sadness they lived through should not be held against them. Of course they will act out but they should be allowed the time to grieve, the time to feel safe again and the time to learn what it’s like to be loved and wanted.

I hope that those of you who are out there reading this will consider becoming involved in your State’s Foster Adopt Program. That even if you are not in a place to be able to adopt a child that you will let your friends and families know who may be interested in adoption. So, many children need adoptive family homes, so many hope to be chosen someday and never are….the wounds they wear, the tears they’ve cried, the hurts they’ve survived they carry into adulthood never really feeling like they belong anywhere. But you can make a difference in a child’s life if you choose to.

If any of you are interested in reading my book called CHLOE, you can find the book and the nook book online at If you have Kindle or other ebook readers, you can find my book in various ebook formats on and on My book is difficult to find due to the volume of books on these websites, but just put in “CHLOE by Brianna Kenzie” in the search area and my book will pop right up. I’d be very interested in knowing what you think of my book CHLOE. Just be gentle, it is my first book.